I fell in love with the Ragdoll for its stunning good looks and outstanding

temperament. They are truly a joy to own.

Let me introduce you to some of my girls past and present...

This is Inca, the sweetest little Ragdoll I have ever known. I have never seen her

use her teeth or claws - she just loves everyone! She isn't a big girl but good things

come in small packages and we all love her to bits. Inca is one of the Fab Four

we imported from Europe - all of them are absolutely gorgeous!

Jasmine is a true blue bicolour. She is very pretty, and like most bicolours is

very elegant. Jasmine has produced some gorgeous kittens in the past and was an

extremely good mum. She has now retired from breeding.

Lexi is a blue mitted tabby. She is a good size, has excellent boning, and of course

those stunning blue eyes! She has a lovely pale, silky coat, and everyone who

meets her thinks she is incredibly beautiful. Lexi has now been spayed and is

enjoying life as our very much loved pampered pet.

Kizzy is a beautifully marked seal mitted with the personality to match her looks.

With her gentle, charming nature she is the epitome of this wonderful breed. Kizzy has

an exquisite face with exceptionally good eye colour and a fabulous profile. She is

simply stunning, and to say I adore her is an understatement.

Darcey is a beautiful blue mitted girl. A real lap cat, she has a very affectionate,

endearing nature. Darcey has the most wonderful type, a nice broad head, lovely

expression and a tail to die for! I am very proud to have bred this gorgeous girl.

She is such a pretty cat, I just love looking at her.

This is Buffy. I absolutely love seal mitteds, and this little girl has a wonderful look.

She has got bags of personality and isn't fazed by anything; one minute she is running

around at one hundred miles an hour, and the next she is curled up in your arms

or on your lap. She has a really sweet face, lovely eye colour, and to compliment

her white beauty spot she has a faint little blaze on her nose.

Angel is a perfectly marked blue mitted girl. She is real sweetheart, and keeps us

entertained with her playful little antics. Angel was spayed after her second litter due

to complications during the birth. Her babies were gorgeous, and inherited her

happy-go-lucky personality.

Introducing Coco, a perfectly marked seal mitted girl. Coco is a real purr-box with

a bunny soft coat and the deepest blue eyes. She follows us everywhere, chatting to

us constantly, and always getting into mischief! She is everyone's friend and we

all adore her.

Here is Koshka, a stunningly beautiful blue bicolour (HM) whom we imported from

Poland. She is a sweet little girl who loves food and sitting by the window watching

the world go by! She has some fabulous lines in her pedigree, including

Darlin'lil'dolls, USApurrs and Adorabledolls.




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