All Ragdoll kittens are born white, and their colour begins to develop after a few days.

After they open their eyes at around ten days old they begin to take on the appearance

of 'mini teddy bears'. At around three to four weeks they realise there is a big world

out there and start to investigate their surroundings.


Ragdolls are lively and inquisitive, and love to play. All our kittens were handled and

played with every day so when they left for their new homes they were confident and outgoing,

and therefore settled into their new environment with a minimum amount of stress.

Kittens left for their new homes from thirteen weeks of age. They were GCCF registered,

vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, frontlined and litter-trained. They came

complete with a Pedigree Certificate and four weeks Petplan insurance for peace of mind.

Pet kittens were neutered before leaving to join their new families.

 We occasionally had kittens available to loving, indoor homes, but were not willing

to sell a single kitten to people who were out at work for long periods of time. Ragdolls

are sociable creatures who need company, and can become depressed if left alone all day.

The best way to overcome the problem was to get two Ragdolls - that way you

had twice the fun!

Sorry, we no longer breed Ragdoll kittens.

Please try the TBRCC website for links to breeders and available kittens.




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