I am an ex-hobby breeder of Ragdolls living in the beautiful county of Cornwall,

and my aim was to produce quality kittens of excellent type with the sweet, gentle

temperament for which the Ragdoll is renown. I began to breed the Ragdoll not only because

it is a stunningly beautiful creature, but because it has a wonderful personality and a

great devotion to its owner. Ragdolls are always there to meet you at the door when you return

home, and tend to follow you from room to room, wanting to be involved in whatever

you are doing. They are gentle, loving and loyal, and although they enjoy your company

they do not demand non-stop attention and are happy just to sit close by if you are busy.


All our kittens were born and raised indoors as part of the family, so ensuring well-

socialised kittens who became used to all the usual household noises, and happily adjusted

to their new family homes. At Jazzamor we took pride in raising our babies in a clean,

family environment where their health and wellbeing was our number one priority.

All our cats were DNA tested clear for the known Ragdoll HCM gene and for PKD.

Along with our Ragdolls we share our home with Bella, our beloved Golden Retriever.

 Bella adores the cats, and is very patient and gentle with them.




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