My name is Julie Dennis and I previously bred Ragdolls under the Jazzamor prefix.

I was a registered breeder with The British Ragdoll Cat Club and adhered to the

TBRCC and GCCF code of ethics. I no longer breed Ragdolls, but this website is

dedicated to our cats and kittens past and present.



If you are interested in purchasing a kitten and are new to the Ragdoll breed, it is a

good idea to check out the breed club websites where you can find lots of information

about the appearance, characteristics and care of this very special breed. If you would like

to know anything more specific, contacting your local breeder is the next step.

Experienced breeders are a wealth of knowledge and most are happy to spend time

chatting about Raggies!


Please take care when looking for a new kitten. Finding a pedigree Ragdoll kitten

that has been raised by a reputable breeder is not as easy as it first seems. Access to the

internet means anyone can advertise kittens and not everyone will raise them responsibly

and in a compassionate way. For every good breeder there are others who merely breed

kittens in the hope of making a profit. Any true breeder will tell you there is no

money to be made from breeding - they do it for the love of the breed.


So how do you go about finding a reputable breeder? How can you determine whether

someone is good or not? A reputable Ragdoll breeder will always register their cats and kittens.

The main registering body in the UK is the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF).

Buying a cheap Ragdoll kitten from the free-ads 'without papers' might seem tempting,

but there is no way of knowing if it is indeed a purebred pedigree kitten.


A reputable Ragdoll breeder will not let their kittens leave home until they are at least

twelve weeks old, and anyone who will let you take a kitten at seven or eight weeks old should

be avoided. All kittens should go to their new home fully vaccinated against cat flu and

enteritis and should be clear of the Ragdoll HCM gene. Many breeders now

spay/neuter their kittens before allowing them to go to their new homes.


When purchasing a pedigree Ragdoll you should ensure you see the kitten with its mother

and littermates prior to taking him/her home. A reputable breeder will happily invite you

to visit, and their cats should appear happy and healthy, and the kittens playful and inquisitive.

A responsible, ethical breeder will not pressure you into buying a kitten - they care deeply

for their babies, and want to ensure they find the best homes possible. They will ask you

lots of questions and will be willing to discuss all aspects of cat ownership with you, as

well as offer lots of helpful advice. They will be knowledgeable about cats, particularly the

Ragdoll, and will always be there to help in the future should you ever have any problems.

A good breeder will always ask you to sign an agreement stating the kitten must be

returned to them should you be unable to care for it in the future.


Deciding whether a breeder is a good one or not is down to common sense. Be observant;

if the cats seem happy, loving and friendly and are treated as part of the family it will be easy to

see. If you get a bad feeling then walk away. You should not buy a kitten that is sick or has been

kept in unsanitary conditions just because you feel sorry for it. If unscrupulous breeders could

not sell their kittens they would have to give up breeding cats. Buying a sick kitten from a

backyard breeder could end up costing a fortune at the vets, and worse still it might end in

heartbreak for you. Taking your time to find an honest, conscientious breeder will be worth it

in the long run. And remember, if the price of a kitten sounds too good to be true,

it probably is.


Good luck in your search for your new family member.

But remember - Ragdolls are addictive. One is never enough!





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